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In April 2005, Xilinx officially authorized One Element Technology to be the officially authorized training institution in the Asia-Pacific region, using Xilinx to authorize the latest teaching materials to continuously promote the latest technologies and resources, and support Xilinx all-programmable technology with “global strategy, local execution”. It also meets the needs of academic reforms in the academic world. It is hoped that by training, we can find partners who can cooperate for a long time and enter into mass production. In addition, an element can also be developed specifically for customers to develop FPGA-related courses.

An element provides FPGA-based course content, which can be roughly divided into FPGA with only programmable logic, ZYNQ with ARM system and FPGA communication, PYNQ controlled by ZYNQ and Python, and communication with X86 through PCIE interface. Alveo. The application level can be roughly divided into cloud computing, edge computing, image/embedded vision and communication.

In addition, an element also has its own curriculum - deep learning - from training to mass production, using PYNQ-Z2 as a platform to achieve deep learning to achieve FPGA and use hardware acceleration to increase the number of discriminating. Detailed course content can be found in:

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