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E-Elements was established in 2004. It is the only company in China that has Xilinx awarded Xilinx University program agency, official authorization training in China and the first batch of certified global partners-FPGA design service triple qualification. The company is the closest third-party partner for Xilinx in China. According to Element Technology, it is mainly engaged in the design of high-end FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) system. Xilinx China officially authorized training and university planning agency to set up Xilinx Joint Lab for universities and won many best training partners in Asia Pacific. .

The company aims to establish long-term strategic partnership with leading international PLD/SOC manufacturers, provide customers with leading SOC/FPGA/ASIC design services with high technology content and competitive market, and cooperate with universities, research institutes and enterprises. And the promotion of new technologies and joined Xilinx Global Partners in 2009. In October 2010, it became the first certified design service partner through Xilinx certification. In 2011, he became the Cypress China University Program Agent for Cypress's joint laboratory in Cypress.

Smarter. Interconnect. Differentiation.

More than 50 billion devices and machines will be interconnected by 2020. Once connected, they must be secure enough to withstand direct intrusion at the hardware level. Because these devices, machines, systems, and networks are increasingly aware of the environment, they must adapt to their environment and needs, resulting in greater programmability and software definition. In addition, they must be scalable, as more and more features are not only virtualized, but also efficiently mapped to shared computing resources. Because data and video are captured by ubiquitous sensors and cameras, analysis must help these machines identify, account, make decisions, and act.

In addition, these systems and networks must also meet the growing needs of anxious end users and real-time scenarios that require immediate low latency response. Behind the scenes, however, they must also process exponentially increasing amounts of data, packets, and pixels through more advanced algorithms while minimizing power consumption. And they must also be highly differentiated, otherwise they will fail in an increasingly competitive low-cost global market. This can only be achieved by combining software intelligence with hardware optimization and "arbitrary" connectivity.

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